Safety Through Quality

Cycle-Breakers® was started by a medical doctor specializing in Preventive Medicine, David Leonardi, M.D., founder of the Leonardi Institute. The purpose was to be certain that he, his family and his family of patients had access to very specialized formulations based on his research. Equally important, the ingredients would have to be of the highest quality and the formulas produced at the highest standards of safety. To that end, Cycle-Breakers supplements are tested beyond FDA requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices. Ingredients are quarantined upon arrival until validation is complete. Laboratory testing is then performed, using infrared scanning and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to screen for contaminants and fillers as well as verify potency of ingredients. Where the FDA requires a sample be taken from each container, we sample from three different levels (top, middle and bottom) within a container. We continue to sample and test as the manufacturing process progresses through mixing and encapsulation to verify that our processes were also followed impeccably. The result is peace of mind that when we consume our own product, we know what we're swallowing and that we're protecting you, our trusting client.