Muscle, Bone and Joint Health

The average American adult loses bone density by about 1% per year. At the Leonardi Institute our patients, on average, are GAINING bone density by 1% per year or more. OsteoSynergy is our multi-ingredient formula to help maintain healthy bone density. Joint Synergy helps to maintain healthy joint function and comfort. Statin Sidekick was designed to maintain optimal muscle and brain health for users of the cholesterol-rucing medicines called statins. Featuring coenzyme Q10, a specially buffered creatine, and vitamin D3, Statin Sidekick is a terrific supplement for any active person who is interested in maintaining healthy muscle, brain, cardiovascular and overall cellular function, whether or not taking a statin (but especially critical for statin users). Click on any product for a detailed explanation with scientific references.


Joint Synergy™ A synergistic combination of two important nutritional compounds for maintaining healthy, pain-free joints: glucosamine HCl and chondroitin sulfate - in the optimal ratio for greatest efficacy. Click the photo for a detailed description with references.


OsteoSynergy™ is our comprehensive bone health formulation containing calcium, vitamin D3, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, silica and vitamin K.

Statin Sidekick™ is a uniquely formulated and proprietary blend of coenzyme Q 10, a specially buffered creatine, and vitamin D3. Statin Sidekick™ is critically important for anyone taking a statin medication along with anyone physically and mentally active and interested in insuring a steady supply of energy to muscle and brain cells.