Epigenetics and Proteomics based Products

Our genes are the blueprint for our health. Yet we need not settle for the cards we were dealt nor follow in our parents' footsteps. No, we can't trade our genes for a new set, but we can control their expression or how active they are. There are ways to turn genes on and off from day to day, or turn up the volume of healthy genes and reduce the volume of harmful ones. This is the new, but well-established science of epigenetics or "gene expression".  Gene expression is altered by lifestyle (nutrition and exercise) as well as every nutrient we allow into our bodies. The way Cycle-Breakers® formulas promote healthy brains and bodies is through this critical research in the sciences of epigenetics and proteomics. Rather than leaving health to luck, we search out ingredients in combinations that alter gene expression to break the cycles underlying age-related disease. By altering gene expression we can break these vicious cycles, prevent age-related disease and live long, high-quality lives. Proteomics is the science of proteins - the products of our genes. Proteomics studies how the millions of proteins in our bodies interact with one another to destroy or to promote health and vitality. These two new sciences - epigenetics and proteomics -  are key to slowing the aging process and promoting vitality. That's why they are the basis for Cycle-Breakers nutritional formulas.