by David Leonardi, M.D.

I'm writing this section personally because if you have low energy, I'd like to help you regardless of whether or not the answer is one of our products. Fatigue or "low energy" has many causes. If you've not had the basic check-up with your health care provider, that's advisable. A simple cause might be discovered. One common cause is low thyroid. When you're tested, ask your doctor to check both the Free T3 and TSH. Most practitioners rely too heavily on the TSH alone. Often the Free T3 can be at the bottom of the normal range, causing fatigue, but the TSH will still be normal. A small dose of thyroid is very safe in this circumstance and can be extremely helpful. Another common cause is sleep disturbance. Our products will help you tolerate that better, but the best answer is to improve your sleep. A sleep hygiene handout is available here. If these techniques don't help you improve your sleep, it might be advisable to have a sleep study done in a sleep lab to determine if you have sleep apnea. This can be present without being recognized and can substantially interfere with restful sleep. Sleep apnea is associated with higher risk of heart disease and inability to control body fat among other things.

Weight control and good nutrition is critical for energy. Be sure your diet is low glycemic and balanced. The bulk of your food should be non-starch vegetables. Minimize starches such as bread, rice, potatoes, cereal, chips, crackers and baked goods. Eat modest amounts of protein. Four ounces of meat, fish or eggs per meal is plenty. Substituting cooked tofu, edamame or a whey protein supplement is a great idea for a number of your meals (this is more important for cancer protection and longevity than for energy). Keeping meals small can help also. It's common for people to crave a nap in mid-afternoon after a large lunch. You might even try skipping lunch altogether to see if it helps with afternoon fatigue. You can just graze on some raw vegetables throughout the afternoon instead of eating lunch. Above all, get as much exercise as possible. If you're too tired, try starting small with walking and work up gradually.

If you've checked all avenues and really feel something's missing, consider an evaluation at the Leonardi Institute in Denver, Colorado. We can often find a way to improve energy when other efforts have failed. At the same time you'll benefit from a program in Vitality and Longevity.

The two supplements below work in different ways. We have to say that PRE-NAD+® is our flagship entry for energy. The reason is its profound impact on cellular biochemistry that not only enhances energy at the basic cellular level, but mimics the health benefits of calorie restriction, shown to dramatically improve health, prevent age-related diseases and extend life span in yeast, worms, flies, mice and non-human primates (monkeys). Human studies are currently underway. It appears from preliminary studies that the optimal dose will be between two and eight capsules per day, but this research is being conducted right now and data are not yet available. I personally take two capsules twice a day. PRE-NAD+® is not a stimulant product so taking it in the evening should not keep you awake.

Statin Sidekick™ is specifically designed for people taking statin drugs like Lipitor (atorvastatin), Zocor (simvastatin), Crestor (rosuvastatin), Pravachol (pravastatin), Mevacor (lovastatin), Livalo (pitavistatin) or even red yeast rice (red rice yeast). That said, Statin Sidekick™ is great for everyone, and especially athletes, to ensure a plentiful supply of the nutrients that provide cellular energy in times of need.

Statin drugs interfere with the chain of chemistry for energy production in the cell. First, they block CoQ10 production, reducing CoQ10 levels in the body. CoQ10 is a critical protein involved in cellular energy production. Second, they've been shown to block creatine flow into muscle cells. Creatine operates the secondary energy supply in cells after the energy from the CoQ10 system (electron transport chain) is used up. Supplementing creatine has been shown to improve this imbalance and Kre-Alkalyn, our specially buffered creatine, has been shown to be absorbed 3.5 times better than regular creatine. Finally, low levels of vitamin D3 have been associated with statin-related side effects including muscle pain and weakness and supplementing vitamin D3 has helped in some studies. Vitamin D3 is included in Statin Sidekick™ for this reason. References for all these statements are found on the write-up of each supplement by clicking on the link to its individual page. My sincere hope is that you find a way to get great energy as naturally and healthfully as possible.

PRE-NAD+® (NR) is nicotinamide riboside (NR). This newly available B-vitamin alters cellular metabolism toward a more energetic, youthful and disease resistant physiologic state. The key to NR's benefits is that it increases NAD+ levels in the cell nucleus. NAD+ is a natural compound in all of our cells that is integral to the cell's ability to produce energy. As cellular NAD+ levels rise, a chain reaction of gene expressions and protein activations occur beginning with the activation of SIRT 1, an information regulator in the cell that alters gene expression, mimicking the metabolic effects of caloric restriction. Caloric restriction is the only intervention ever shown to extend lifespan in multiple organisms from single-cell yeast up to non-human primates. Scientific references for these statements can be found in the detailed description of NR by clicking on the product photo.

Statin Sidekick™ is a uniquely formulated and proprietary blend of coenzyme Q 10, a specially buffered creatine, and vitamin D3. Statin Sidekick™ is critically important for anyone taking a statin medication along with anyone physically and mentally active and interested in insuring a steady supply of energy to muscle and brain cells.