It's More Than a Name. It's a Process.

Aging, in all practicality, is the development of age-related diseases: coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and osteoporosis. These are the diseases that shatter quality of life and shorten life span the most for those of us in western society. At the very heart of these diseases are three normal but destructive processes: oxidative stress, glycation and inflammation. Yes, it is normal to undergo all three of these and we’re all subject to them constantly. That’s why it is normal to develop one or more of the above diseases at some point in our lives but, of course, it is not optimal.

Even worse, these three processes actually promote one another in a series of vicious cycles, depicted above. While at first glance, this appears to be very bad news, it is, in fact, very good news. It means that if we can gain control over any one of these three processes, we can slow all of them. And if we can gain some control over all three, we can dramatically reduce their impact on our lives. Gaining such control can mean the difference of two or three decades of high-quality life. We’ve all seen a few 70 year-olds who have the lifestyle of a typical 50 year-old, and others with the lifestyle of a 90 year-old. The former has been controlling these processes (knowingly or unknowingly) and the latter allowing them to consume him or her.

Cycle-Breakers® supplements are specifically formulated to break these vicious cycles by combining vital nutrients that target oxidative stress, glycation and inflammation. Because we’re dedicated to helping our customers break these vicious cycles and add many quality years to their lives, we feel that Cycle-Breakers® is the ideal name for our company and our products. Combined with a lifestyle of optimal nutrition and regular physical and mental exercise, Cycle-Breakers® nutritional supplements can help you realize the life that you dream about, a life characterized by vitality and longevity!


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