Statin Sidekick       The Singular Solution for Statin Side Effects! (30-Day Supply)
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Statin Sidekick The Singular Solution for Statin Side Effects!
(30-Day Supply)

#60 Veggie Caps (30-Day Supply)

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Statin Sidekick™

Now you can receive all the benefits of optimal cholesterol control with far lower risk of the common side effects of taking a statin medication, including muscle pain, weakness and cramping, memory loss and fatigue.  Statin Sidekick™ is a uniquely formulated and proprietary blend of Coenzyme Q 10, a specially buffered creatine and vitamin D3 and is critically important for anyone taking a statin medication along with anyone physically and mentally active and interested in insuring a steady supply of energy to muscle and brain cells.  Statin Sidekick™ was designed after a thorough search of published medical literature on the side effects of statin medications and how they may be addressed.  Statin Sidekick™ is specifically formulated to maintain healthy muscle and brain function and healthy energy levels in users of statins.

The published data behind the benefits of Statin Sidekick™ for users of statin medications are so extensive that rather than discuss them in this product description, we'll refer you to the articles on our sister website  You can click on any of the articles at the bottom of this page for details.

Two capsules of Statin Sidekick™ provide a proprietary blend of buffered creatine and CoQ10 totaling 1,500mg, along with 2,000iu of vitamin D3.  These three ingredients are included in the most optimal ratio for preventing statin side effects based on published clinical trials, our original research and our patient experience at the Leonardi Institute.  The recommended dose is two to three capsules of Statin Sidekick™ twice a day (always with food) for the first week (called a "loading dose") followed by one to two capsules twice a day thereafter.  There appears to be a benefit in stopping your statin for the first week while taking the loading dose of Statin Sidekick™ (we don't recommend this without first checking with your health care provider).  If you notice muscle aching that you feel is related to your statin while taking Statin Sidekick™, simply increase the dose back up to three capsules twice a day.  Of course, you should also notify your health care provider that your statin is causing you pain.  The dose required for relief varies from person to person.  You may adjust the dose of Statin Sidekick™ up and down to see what dose you personally require to eliminate statin-related muscle aching while optimizing muscle energy availability and performance.  In unusual circumstances, a few people may even require four capsules of Statin Sidekick™ twice a day.  Detailed dosing instructions are included with each order.  And we offer quantity discounts for those who need a higher dose!

Statin Sidekick™ provides that margin of safety and peace of mind that you're getting the best possible performance from your muscles and brain while reducing the risk of muscle pain and muscle dysfunction that can accompany statin use.

Statin Sidekick™ Supplement Facts

Serving size 2 capsules
Servings per Container 30 (60 capsules)

Active Ingredients Amount per Serving % DRV
Vitamin D3 2,000iu 500%
A proprietary blend of Kre-Alkalyn® (buffered creatine) and Coenzyme Q10 1500mg DRV not established
Directions: Take 2-3 capsules twice daily WITH FOOD (within 45 minutes of a meal). You may reduce the dose after the first week if you remain free of statin side effects, or increase the dose if needed.

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