"Alzheimer's, Memory Loss and MCI"
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"Alzheimer's, Memory Loss and MCI"

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This book outlines the state of the art program for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia (AD), memory loss and mild cognitive impairment (MCI or pre-Alzheimer’s). At the Leonardi Institute, Drs. Leonardi and Daley have focused their entire careers on the enhancement of vitality and the prevention of age related disease for men and women over the age of 40. After developing programs effective for preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease they then looked at what their patients would face next if spared our two biggest killers. The answer, AD, prompted a concentrated investigation into the biochemistry behind Alzheimer’s and how that biochemistry can be attacked using a combination of lifestyle alteration, optimal nutrition, bioidentical hormone replacement and nutritional supplements that specifically target AD pathology. While drug companies languish in finding a “patentable pharmaceutical cure”, the authors uncovered approximately 30 natural elements with real disease-altering potency and organized them into a succinct 6 step program. With 281 scientific articles cited, every element adopted into this program is backed by the latest science. Whether you have Alzheimer’s or want to prevent it, this is where you need to focus your attention. We urge you to read the evidence and start this program now!

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